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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a beneficial tool and a state to open the door to your subconscious mind, prompting it to pay attention. It cannot cause you to do anything against your free will or ethics.

There is no magic in hypnosis. It is a naturally occurring state of mind that all of us are capable of doing. You have gone in hypnosis and out of hypnosis (trance) millions of time. Remember a time when you were driving and became engrossed in the scenery? You started day-dreaming and missed your exit. You’ve just experienced hypnosis.

Syncing the Two Minds

The conscious mind functions as the goal setter. It initiates the process. The unconscious mind is the goal getter. It carries out the process. It gives you what you want or what you believe you want.

For example, when you are talking to someone, you are using your current awareness. Your current awareness is your conscious mind enabling you to pay attention to the conversion. The conscious mind can only hold seven plus or minus two bits of information. Notice how restless and overloaded you get when too many details come your way.

The conscious mind is a beam of light you direct through a large darkened room. When you change the directions of the beam, you see different parts of the room that always existed but had gone unnoticed.

This is the same as you perceive yourself – as the only lit portion of the room when in fact you are more than
what you perceive yourself to be

Achieving Alignment


Intention and attention are key elements to accomplish any task. This is called the state of consciousness described by renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as being in the state of ‘flow.’

While in the ‘flow,’ the ego disappears, time is irrelevant, the being is at its peak.

When you establish rapport and a dialogue with your unconscious mind, you can access that flow state at will. Inner conflicts are overcome and your creative process becomes more fulfilling.

With hypnosis, goals and a positive self-image can change for you to begin building a new outlook of yourself.

Above the Noise
A Dream
Hypnosis is something more than positive thinking

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