Winnie OceanWinnie trained at Hypnosis Motivation Institute, (HMI) a nationally accredited hypnosis training college in Tarzana California that was founded over 47 years ago. At HMI, she completed over 700 hours of accelerated courses required for certification.  She expanded her knowledge in the field with a one year training in Conversational Hypnosis under the tutelage of Igor Ledochowski, a world leading hypnotist trainer who runs worldwide specialized master classes to train hypnotherapists in advanced skills.

Other certifications include Weight Control and Smoking Cession from the American Hypnosis Association.

Enjoying the sun and creative energy in Los Angeles, Winnie is a UCLA graduate with degrees in World Arts & Cultures and in the Film Producing program.

Originally drawn to hypnosis to overcome her artist blocks, to explore who she is, and who she could become, Winnie learned hypnosis from the inside out. She soon realized she could help others discover solutions to their problems and began her life’s work.

Winnie’s techniques of hypnosis enable her to bypass the analytical part of your brain that stands in the path of your personal transformation.  In the hypnotic state, a door to your subconscious becomes open to hypnotic suggestions that enable you to make the changes you want in your life.

Under Winnie Ocean’s guidance, you will rewire your inner programming and convert these hidden unexpressed attributes of your subconscious mind into self-knowledge and awareness. This will allow you to expand your perspective and live freely so that you radiate your true self and live the life you truly want.

Through one on one sessions designed to meet your unique situation, Winnie looks forward to helping you uncover your authentic self and creative voice.