A Dream

Freud wrote that dreams are a “royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious,” This natural activity which we engage in is strong evidence of the power of our subconscious.

Sometimes, our dreams leave a lasting impression. I had such a consequential dream on the dawn of the 4th of July.

In the dream, I was sitting in the back seat of a 1940’s black Rolls Royce (Corniche) being chauffeured by Jeffrey Wright to a contemporary mansion. The scene was picked right out of a film noir, and was no less dramatic!

The front door was opened. I walked in. The mansion was dimly lit and clean with minimal furnishings and decorations.

A door located at the end of the hall attracted my attention. I headed there and noticed a study room. The room’s wooden furniture and bookshelves filled with volumes of ancient, hardcover books, reminded me of a typical English study.

A young woman sat at a desk in deep sleep. Her head rested upon stacks of various papers which had mathematical formulas and complex equations she was trying to solve. Books, manuscripts, and scientific journals from various disciplines were spread across her desk. I concluded that she was a scientist.

Several large monitors arranged in a semi-circle were relaying data with a several minute delay. They were subject to intermittent technical glitches that caused sudden interruptions in data flow.

I crawled under the desk to untangle the computer cords. I updated and upgraded all hardware to increase the speed and efficiency to accommodate a greater flow of data that would stream in real time. I installed types of software that were not yet on the market. I reconfigured the computer to allow wireless data transmission.

I left the study. My attention was drawn to a staircase previously omitted. It led me to a bedroom. I heard still silence. A tiny bed with a pink cover, toys, and books neatly arranged on a dresser had become a shrine to a past that once was pure, innocent, and cheerful.
This room belonged to the scientist’s little girl. According to a story, many years ago this magical little girl was kidnapped and her mother never stopped mourning her absence. The scientist kept the room intact, the same way her daughter had left it on the day she disappeared. It remained frozen in time.This dimly lit room frozen in time frightened me. Yet, I gathered my courage to do the necessary work.

I opened a window to send a signal that her mother wanted her and always would. I left the bedroom light on so this little girl may find her way back home into her mother’s arms.

I walked out of the bedroom and spotted Jeffrey Wright, my chauffeur at the bottom of the staircase. He said to me:

“Madam, are you ready to leave now?”

“No Mr. Wright,” I replied. I am going to be here for a while longer. I am needed in this house.

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that I felt the power of this dream, and the power of my subconscious re-engineering all of my processes. And now I am seeing how this dream has inspired me and spurred me into taking actions aligned with my aspiration.

John Overdurf, one of my favorite teachers, beautifully wrote “Live your dreams and dream your life.”

Are you living your dreams and dreaming your life?

I look forward to listening to your nighttime dreams and I am most curious about your day dreams!

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