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  • It was such great pleasure to meet Winnie while I was studying for my Respiratory Therapy State Board exam. I remembered all the anxiety, fear and nervousness I went through as a first student board taker. Winnie was wonderful. She took her time to offer me help when I needed her the most on my tough days when I was feeling unmotivated with school work.

    I remembered there were days I would meet her at the coffee shop on her busy schedule while I was studying because I was very nervous and anxious. She sat with me and went through the whole process on why I was feeling the way I was feeling at the moment. She told me to focus on my desires and everything will flow and how to get rid of unnecessary thoughts in my mind so I can remain calm.

    I remembered one time when I met with her the night before taking my board exam. She sat with me and told me to imagine the place where I am going to take my exam. She told me to remain focused and to imagine the percent grade I want to get to pass the exam.

    After I left her session, I felt very relieved, confident and calm. I can honestly say, still to this day, I want to thank her for all the things she has done for me because now, my anxiety level is very low and I am able to think on certain things differently.

    Kristine Mabalay, Student
    Los Angeles
  • Before seeing Winnie I easily became overwhelmed with my future, making simple to difficult decisions, and completing tasks. After speaking with her the first time I immediately saw results and had an "aha" moment. Her methods seem very simple, like you are having a very logical conversation. Yet the results and clarity you gain seem so tremendous. No one else, including therapists have been able to help me as much as Winnie.

    Since graduating law school (over 7 years ago) I have always wanted to start my own law firm, but was never sure if I was capable of it or had the courage to do it. Not long after using Winnie's services I got my first client for my law firm (a huge hurdle)! I can now easily make important decisions without being paralyzed with fear and I have a much easier time following through and completing tasks/ reaching goals.

    Winnie really is amazing and I absolutely give her credit for my successes. She is very accessible and her services are absolutely pain-free (unlike other methods and service providers). If you are having a difficult time moving forward I absolutely recommend her!

    7th Year Attorney, Los Angeles
  • Prior to seeing Winnie, I had no previous experience with hypnotherapy. All skepticism I had about the process vanished in my first meeting with Winnie, and I immediately felt comfortable sharing my personal and professional goals with her. Winnie has been instrumental in helping me clarify and take action upon my goals. In our sessions, I've tackled my issues with anxiety and feelings of stagnancy within my profession.

    In just a few sessions, I had realizations regarding patterns and long-held beliefs that have been holding me back for years. Since seeing her, I’ve recommended her to family and friends, and every person who’s gone to see her has thanked me for the referral. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a change in their life and either does not know how, or wants a little help along the way.

    Katie, Oak Park, Illinois
  • I met Winnie when I moved to LA and I was kind of lost out here. I was still trying to get the ball rolling with what I wanted to do. I had a lot of fears that were holding me back and a lot of self-doubt. It was only when I started seeing her for her guidance and knowledge that I really truly figured it out.

    She helped me break down the walls and barriers that were distracting me and preventing me from reaching my goals and being truly happy. I worried a lot and over thought things, she helped me get out of my head and got me back on track. She helped me get in touch with my inner self and helped me get out of my own way. She is very knowledgeable and wise on the way our minds work.

    I owe her more than what cannot be given, she really helped me find my place out here and for that I am truly appreciative I met her. I still stay in touch with her and seek her out when I hit a road block or just seeking knowledge. She is amazing at what she does and an amazing woman to know!!

    Brandon Schinaman
    Actor/ Model/ Producer
  • The work that Winne Ocean does is life transforming and nothing less. One day I looked back and it was as if I had climb a thousand stairs, and was in a new place much closer to my essential being, my goals, my dreams and my life’s purpose.

    Danielle Cooper, actress, writer, Counselor, Los Angeles
  • Before working with Winnie I sometimes felt stuck on my goals but she enabled me to break them down into manageable steps and time frame so I could move forward more quickly. I would definitely recommend Winnie to anyone who is looking to maximize their potential.

    K.S Los Angeles
  • Working with Winnie has been a blessing. She's exceptionally compassionate, thoughtful, funny and realistic. I had no experience with hypnotherapy prior to working with her and didn't know what to expect. She guided me through the entire process and I felt so comfortable every step of the way. I, personally, needed to focus on centering and focusing my energy on being productive and my self-confidence.

    Through our sessions, Winnie was able to help me uncover what I already knew in a very unique process. The hypnosis was a really exceptional experience and allowed me to focus on truly hearing my goals and I was so happy with the outcomes. I can confidently say that after our first session things that seemed like insurmountable mountains to me suddenly became climbable! Hypnosis is a powerful tool and I full-heartedly recommend Winnie.

    Liz R.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Run, don't walk to seek guidance from Winnie! She was so helpful to me in helping me tackle challenges that arose in my life that I approached with anxiety and hopelessness. Through working with her, I now welcome challenges with confidence that I am able to work through them to get the outcome I want. I honestly cannot thank her enough"

    Erin K., Business Development, Los Angeles
  • Believe me; I have had my fair share of therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors! Ever since I was young I’ve suffered from panic attacks, but nothing seemed to work. In addition to that I was suffering anxiety as to where I wanted to go in life. Why I wasn’t happy and what did I want to do with my life? Winnie was the missing puzzle piece to opening myself up and filling up the giant void I felt inside. I had no idea what hypnosis was–I just wanted it to make sense and to get real, lasting, results!

    Winnie’s warmth, kindness, and smart wit has changed my life forever. I have never felt more centered, more at peace, and more confident in myself. Don’t wait! Find yourself, your path, and how to empower yourself NOW!

    Jin Suen Kim, Educational Administrator, Los Angeles
  • I began working with Winnie at the suggestion of a fellow creative professional, and it was hands down the best decision of 2017. Winnie has helped me identify and address the stumbling blocks I've been tripping over my entire career. I am no stranger to therapy, but I have found Winnie's forward-facing approach both more healing and more constructive than previous attempts. With her gentle guidance, I have struck up a daily creative practice and have begun a project that I had been putting off for years. I'm so grateful to have found her.

    L. Wagner, Illustrator - Boston, Massachusetts
  • From my sessions with Winnie, I have regained self-confidence and have come to know a powerful sense of peace. Her methods are gentle, yet highly effective. I would recommend her to anyone.

    D Shepard – IT Specialist
    Los Angeles
  • I have recently made significant steps in rising above my negative behavior and thought patterns. Something I have never before been able, nor even conceived of conquering. I give Winnie full credit in assisting my transformation. She gave me the tools so that my best self is more powerful and dominant than my self-sabotage and self-pity. The ONLY hard part about this journey was finding the courage to make that first phone call.

    Adam M. Musician
    New York
  • I reached out to Winnie in a moment when I was stuck. I was working as a bartender for almost a decade and it had become unhealthy - my creativity felt decimated and my emotional, physical and spiritual energy drained. I was left struggling to find self love and calm and the prospect of turning my life around was daunting to say the least. How would I pay my bills while building new skills? Could I really pull this off? Could I really take myself seriously as a unique creative voice? Not knowing exactly what my next step would be, I knew I needed a form of support that I did not have. A friend recommended Winnie and I wrote her the next day.

    Winnie is patient and bright. She approaches our conversations without judgement. I find I get stuck on questions in life going over them again and again until I’m riddled with anxiety to the point of paralysis. Rather than answer my questions or deconstruct my personal obstacles for me, Winnie guides me in a way that I answer them myself with what often feels like stunning ease. She offers out a gentle hand to guide me through the precarious muck that is anxiety, fear and self-doubt.

    Since we have started our work together, I have put my unhealthy job in the past, taken what felt like a terrifying financial risk (turns out it wasn’t the end of the world!) and I am now steadily beginning my new journey. I can most certainly say that I am healthier, much more patient with myself and am creating more regularly. I am starting to feel a spark inside of me that I have not felt for a very long time. Thank you, Winnie

    Jen S., Artist, Fashion Designer
    New York


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