The Two Minds

Brain is the organ. Mind is the brain in action. We have a mind with two separate functions. Those functions are the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

Function of the Two Minds

Conscious Mind:

Current awareness, narrowly focused, can only be directed on whatever we think is important
  • Very good a t planning things
  • The place where you reason
  • Everyday normal state of awareness
  • Thinks in a sequential and linear way

Unconscious Mind

  • Stores your emotional responses and patterns, belief system, memories values and identity
  • Framework of your perception and understanding of the world
  • Storehouse of our autonomic functioning (habitual patterns, sensation and perception
  • Golden chest of wisdom, creativity, resources
  • Functions non linearity, and holographical
  • Engages in highly specialized skills
  • Carries a multitude a multitude of functions independently of the conscious mind