Two Mind Collaborate

Brain is the organ. Mind is the brain in action. We have a mind with two separate functions.
Those functions are the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

Function of the Two Minds


Conscious Mind

  • Current awareness, narrowly focused, can only be
    directed on whatever we think is important
  • Very good at planning things
  • The place where you reason
  • Everyday normal state of awareness
  • Thinks in sequential and linear way

UnConscious Mind

  • Stores your emotional responses and patterns, belief
    system, memories values and identity
  • Framework of your perception and understanding of
    the world
  • Storehouse of our autonomic functioning (habitual
    patterns, sensation and perception
  • Golden chest of wisdom, creativity, resources
  • Functions non linearity, and holographical
  • Engages in highly specialized skills
  • Carries a multitude of functions independently of the
    conscious mind

How the Two Minds Work Together
How The Two Minds Communicate To One Another

Imagine a captain and his boat crew

Watch this short video by Iain McGilchrist to learn more about how the mind functions. Iain’s work can be applied to the way we think about the conscious and unconscious mind.

When he references the left half of the brain, think of that as the conscious mind and the right half of the brain as the unconscious mind.

Remember “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein


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The conscious mind is the captain
The captain is responsible for setting the direction
Is the head of the ship
Needs to know where the ship is headed

The unconscious mind is the crew and the ship
The unconscious mind carries out the captain’s order
Is the doer

The captain delegates
Checks the ship

Sometimes the crew needs the captain’s attention. So they call the captain. A good captain listens, responds, and trusts the crew to do their job. A good captain doesn’t attempt to carry the Entire task himself.

Cooperation between the captain and the crew leads to increase strength and insures smooth sailing

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